Virtual Experience: Beach ‘Bushcraft’ Camping

Catch this one-hour live virtual show with host Nedda at 10am this Thursday amidst an amazing sea view of Langkawi, along with her team and also mentor, Nadge Ariffin!

Camping in Malaysia is great! But here’s camping with a twist; actually, TWO twists…

Firstly, most people go camping in the forests up hills and mountains, instead let’s go to a deserted beach – forget shops or amenities! So secondly, we’re talking BUSHCRAFT camping, meaning it’s almost ‘sehelai sepinggang’; just you and the sand, the occasional rocks on the beach (although this is the least of your concerns), surrounding flora and fauna, and the lack of freshwater…

You’re left with nothing other than some basic gear to pull you through.

The chosen site is Teluk Puyuh, Pulau Tuba, part of the fabled Langkawi islands. Nedda chose this spot due to its pristine nature and historic location, which according to Dato’ Dr. Ibrahim Komoo, witnessed the beginnings of civilisation in the region.

A unique mix-and-match show concept, bushcrafting by the beach will teach you how to preserve any water that you have, or even reduce the saltwater that’s available. Of course, this also includes the basics and how-to’s of setting up camp and various survival activities by the beach!

Showcase Details

Date: 18/03/2021 (Thursday)

Price: RM30/pax

Time: 10am – 11am

Contact: +60 11-3997 2906