Virtual Bicycle Expedition: Exploring the Hidden Sahom Valley

Picking up his trusty bicycle, Shariff Ali, your star host for this virtual exploration will be spending his Malaysia Day treasure hunting around the Sahom Valley Resort! 

The resort itself is located near the famous Tempurong Cave in Perak, which is one of the longest caves in Malaysia. Ensuring that the resort is in line with its agro and eco-tourism concepts, it strives to bring out the best of the best for their guests.  

Therefore, in this virtual showcase riding around Sahom Valley Resort, Shariff will be bringing you to several attractions around the area. These ‘checkpoints,’ as he calls them, consist of both adventure and leisure activities that you can do at the resort.

If anything, it’s an ‘all-in-one’ package for viewers! For parents, this is probably one of the best resorts you can go to keep your children busy.

These checkpoints include exciting names such as Fantasy Garden, My Loved One, Into the Wilderness, Healthy with Nature, Dare to Try, Food Security, Less is More and Get Wet! From the names alone, can you figure out what these attractions entail?

Aside from going around these adventurous places while cycling around the area, Shariff will also be showcasing hidden treasures! Viewers will have to be eagle-eyed to spot these treasures as the winners will get to keep them.

As Malaysians would say, siapa cepat dia dapat!

This brand new experiential package showcasing the best of Sahom Valley Resort will be coming this Thursday through your laptop virtually.

Showcase Details

Date: 16 September, 2021(Thursday)

Time: 3pm-4pm

Price: RM7 per viewer/screen

Contact to register: 012-4882480