Unravelling the Secrets of Kellie’s Castle

In Batu Gajah lies an unfinished castle begun nearly a century ago…

If you have to ask what castle we’re talking about, you need to get this virtual show! And even if you know, you’ll be mesmerised by its history and secrets! Kellie’s Castle was built in 1925 by a Scotsman, William Kellie Smith, for his beloved wife. However, tragedy struck when he passed away unexpectedly and hence was unable to finish the “castle”, which is actually a huge mansion, which looked like a castle to the locals. 

The construction of Kellie’s Castle consisted of 70 workers from India using local materials to pretty much ‘put the castle together.’ The architecture of the castle is a marriage of Western and Moorish or Islamic elements, which gives a unique and otherworldly look to the building in contrast to other colonial era buildings in Perak.

In this virtual show with Zamari Muhyi, the Managing Director of Kellie’s Castle, will be talking about such history in detail, from the materials used for its construction, its architecture, to how it’s being maintained up to the present day.

Not only that, but it has even attracted filming from both local and international production companies to peruse the castle as their shooting location! What are the chances that the movies you watched may have snapshots of Kellie’s Castle?

The attraction towards the castle doesn’t only stop to humans but also goes beyond that. A big factor that adds to the charm and significance of the castle would be the entities that are supposedly living there to this day.

In this virtual tour around the castle, your star host will also be bringing you to rooms that has never been accessed before by any visitors. These never-seen-before locations includes the exquisite Bar Room, the Wine Room…and even an exciting entryway to a secret tunnel. Where are they located? What is behind these doors? 

Feast your eyes with your friends and family in this free virtual tour of Kellie’s Castle with the Managing Director himself! In this Malaysia Virtual Experience (MyVXp), Zamari Muhyi will be your virtual tour guide bringing you into all the nooks and crannies of this popular tourist attraction in Perak.

Showcase Details:

Date: 28/08/2021 (Saturday)

Time: 2:30pm – 4pm

Price: Free! It’ll be through FB Live

Link: https://www.facebook.com/kelliescastleofficial