Tourism Weekly Wrap Up: Post Pandemic Recovery, Reviving Campaign & Joint Collaborations

The country was abuzz with news of inflation as well as the rise of the cost of living with many netizens showing their dismay of the current situation.

The lifting of food subsidies and ceiling price on July 1st has certainly put the people in a position where they need to prepare further for any price hikes happening within the next few months.

With that being said, the tourism industry has yet to put out any news on how inflation will affect its costings and pricings (or if it affects them at all). Although it is certain that majority of the sectors will be affected by the price hike, the current situation is an opportunity for everyone to support local businesses more than ever.

In this case, the tourism industry thrives off of providing local products and experiences for travellers to fully try out the Malaysian Experience. Tourists around Malaysia are encouraged to find and support local crafts as contribution to sustain themselves and in most cases their communities.  

On the more positive news within the nation’s tourism industry, Malaysia has managed to receive more than 1 million tourists since the reopening of its borders on the 1st of April. This feat which geared up many tourism players towards the reopening date was received quite well with many restarting its operations within full capacity.

At the same time as the pace is picking back up, domestic tourism is still highly encouraged in order to circulate the economy even further. This gives everyone the chance to explore the beauty and culture of the country —which is sorely needed after the long two years of staying indoors.

Tourism Malaysia is now full active in promoting the nation through country visitations, international expos, and joint collaborations. Recently, the Malaysia Truly Asia 2022 campaign is expected to target 2 million tourist arrivals and RM8.6 billion in tourist spending.

This is achieved through its latest collaboration with popular booking platforms such as Expedia that will further promote the industry through its attractive packages and brand visibility with foreigners. This also includes further collaboration with notable media agencies such as ASTRO, Star Media Group, and Sinar Harian among others.

Despite the revving up of physical campaigns, the tourism industry will now adopt a more hybrid approach where it offers both physical and digital opportunities as an introduction for potential tourists.

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