The Termite Kingdom: A ‘Shadow Puppet Show’

A fusion of a simple puppet show and science leads you to this wonderful form of educational story-telling by your virtual host, Blerong Anak Usop!

A rare Malaysian nature guide who specialises in ‘entomo-tourism’ or insect-focused tourism, Effendy found another way of promoting it from his home despite the challenges of the pandemic, by making his own shadow puppets.

With props crafted by himself using recyclable materials, he focuses on the conservation of insects through the story of the termite kingdom. Yet this virtual show focuses much on the science aspects – isn’t that fantastic?

Not only is it a mix of story and science, it also includes the story-teller’s interpretations of this insect show and also from the hadith and Quran, to make it even more engaging and thought-provoking for the audience.

The work behind this virtual show was thoughtfully put together by experts based on their experiences and most notably, the storyline itself was perfected by Bonda Professor Emeritus Datin Hjh Maryati Mohamed.

This virtual show is meant to educate as well as change our perception on the creatures living around us, with the hopes of inspiring the younger generation as well as raising nature awareness.

Curious about how Blerong will perform this puppet show on the Termite Kingdom? Join his 1-hour MyVXp on 7th March from 10am to 11am!

*This session will be conducted in Malay.

Showcase Details

Date: 7/3/2021 (Sunday)

Time: 10am – 11am

Price: RM15

Contact Number: +60 10-703 2156


*This article was originally published by Tourism Productivity Nexus