Tempeh Sustainable Wrapping Using Ketapang, What Is It?

The much-loved ‘tempeh’ (also spelt ‘tempe’), a soy-based food item that can be fried or made into sambal tempeh, can be found in kuah lontong and also kuah lodeh, an often-staple food for even vegetarians; that is the versatility of this simple tempeh.

But what is tempeh really? Well, it is originally a traditionally Javanese food made from fermented soybeans using a ‘tempeh starter’ or ibu kulat, a type of fungus (Rhizopus oligosporus etc.) that helps the fermentation process. Tempeh quickly spread around Southeast Asia and up to East Asia and in the West today. In this virtual and educational showcase on Tempeh Daun Ketapang, your star host Sis Siti will teach you a new, unique and sustainable take on tempeh.

Tempeh Daun Ketapang according to Sis Siti is the effort of the locals from Kuala Langat District to produce a more sustainable way of packaging tempeh. The final product is actually wrapped in four types of leaves native to Malaysia’s rich biodiversity, that is a combination of pisang (banana), paku (fern), simpur air, and ketapang leaves. Here’s an interesting tidbit, two of these leaves can only be found by the beach or coast. Want to take a guess which one of these is the most special?

This one-hour online show will have Sis Siti showing you how to identify and wrap the leaves for your tempeh and of course the benefits of consuming the food this way. Participants will also have the opportunity to learn about generational tips, which are often top secret, making this virtual experience all the more exciting as this is where it’s first divulged to the world. Throughout the session, participants will also have the opportunity to purchase their own DIY tempeh kit for those who are interested to have a hand in making their own.

Thankfully, gastronomy virtual experiences would usually come with its own set of recipes, which Sis Siti will talk about on a variety of food you can make using tempeh that isn’t complicated at all!

Believe it or not but tempeh is also a popular alternative in the West especially for those who are vegetarians, especially those who indulge in pure veganism. There are actually tons of recipes from ‘health food gurus’ to fit their palate. However, in some places to find tempeh is apparently a challenge for them! Fortunately, not for us since we can easily purchase locally-made tempeh.

So who knows, maybe you can sell what you learned here to your international friends who are keen on trying this out!

By the end of the session, a donation for Tabung Amal Kongsi Rezeki will be opened for participants to donate to the fund if they would like to. This donation project was started earlier this year to aid those who lost their income as well as towards buying essentials for orphanages around Selangor.

Showcase Details:

Date: 28 August (Saturday)

Time: 11am–12pm

Price: Free (but limited seats)

Link To Register: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1UuojjsbVlY2BT9hFPgCzxR3qFDijP6Xa6e4j5V2wBgw/viewform?edit_requested=true

Language: Bahasa Melayu