Showcasing Malaysia’s Essence: AMAZING

What makes Malaysia Truly Asia?

We hear this time-honoured term time and time again in our tourism industry to attract tourists to visit Malaysia, but what is the magnitude of this tagline?

A video clip showcasing the meaning behind this tagline has recently surfaced again, and it won a prestigious award all the way from Germany! Previously, this clip also won global recognition at the Asia Destination Film Awards 2020 in Bangkok in January 2020.

The video titled AMAZING directed by world-renowned TV commercial director, Mark Toia received the Special Award “MAGIC EYE” for Best Camerawork and 2021 Tourism & Travel Media Intermedia-Globe Gold Award at the 21st World Media Festivals, Hamburg, Germany.

When we first came across this video, we only had a vague idea on what to expect from Tourism Malaysia’s ‘Malaysia Truly Asia’ YouTube Channel. As promotional videos of Malaysia are often eye-catching, we were expecting nothing less breath-taking from this clip.

Spanning just two-and-a-half mesmerising minutes, this video blends a great variety of short clips which truly showcase the very essence of Malaysia – its honestly mind-boggling diversity of Malay-Bumiputra, Chinese, Indian and more Asiatic cultures that harmoniously mix in this tropical paradise.

Awesome drone shots of Malaysia’s famous landmarks such as Petronas Twin Towers to its colourful ethnicities, traditional dances and stunning sceneries belie their use of state-of-the-art 8K video quality, which beautifully highlights the details that make Malaysia Truly Asia.

Breath-taking. Superb. Amazing.

Trust us when we say we had goosebumps and were in absolute awe, and admittedly — given the circumstances Malaysians are in at the moment, the video invoked a sense of pride and longing to travel to these amazing places around Malaysia again!

A perfect combination of an 8K video definition, high quality sound effects, and eye-catching camera angles while not forgetting the savvy post-production of the video itself, it has certainly made this clip incredibly cinematic, and serves as an extraordinary prelude for what future travellers can expect when they visit Malaysia.

We absolutely recommend you bump up the quality of the clip to the highest quality your browser is able to handle and plug in your headsets for maximum immersion!

We extend our hearty congratulations on this amazing collaboration between Mark Toia, Tourism Malaysia, Sharp Electronics (M) Sdn Bhd, and Chilli Pepper Films for winning this award, placing Malaysia smack in the creative spotlight again!

If you would like to watch video, click here!