Samanea Saman: Taiping’s Treasured Trees

If you have seen the name ‘Malaysia’ pop up across your social media feed, you would often also see the phrases ‘beautiful beaches’ and ‘lush rainforests’ tagged together among a wide variety of captions to give a visual imagination for readers. While those are certainly true, there’s something else that adds to Malaysia’s charm; in a certain town in the northwest of Peninsular Malaysia lies a lovely Lake Garden filled to the brim with lush umbrella-like Rain Trees (or Raintrees), the Samanea Saman.

In this virtual experience with your star host, Anis Sabhee, she will give an educational and historical talk behind the wonders of the Rain Tree, which form a big part of Taiping’s botanical attraction. Still standing proud and strong at 134 years old, these Rain Trees actually weren’t  native to Malaysia at all.

In fact, it was brought in to then Malaya in the 19th century from South America! Who would have thought that your everyday trees in the beautiful Taiping Lake Garden aren’t actually classified as ‘Malaysians’ themselves? This virtual show will be a fun informational session on how and why these trees were introduced to Malaysia in the first place. The rich history and how it aids the biodiversity in its surroundings are certainly something you should keep an ear out for as cool tidbits you can later tell your friends and family.

Anis won’t only be talking about the Raintrees because she will also be touching on the many types of attractions available in Taiping! The town, which is also famous as the recipient of The 3rd Best of World’s Most Sustainable Cities during the 2019 Sustainable Top 100 Destination Awards at the International Tourismus-Borse (ITB) travel show in Berlin, Germany, is attractive to travel-goers for many reasons.

For those who have never been to Taiping before, be sure to grab this virtual opportunity to learn more about the town and then plan your next long-awaited trip. This showcase will only be an hour long including a Q&A session at the end for you to ask Anis all about Taiping; and just a head’s up, you will even get a free Taiping postcard!

Showcase Details:

Date: 28/8/2021

Time: 4pm–5pm

Price: RM15