Putting the Spotlight on Malaysia’s Young Talents: Ruang Tamu’s First-Ever Virtual Contest

On the 31st of August, the long-anticipated Finale for Ruang Tamu’s Young Talents Contest came under the spotlight with its nine Talented Stars aiming for the title of Champion for the brand’s first ever competition, held virtually due to the pandemic. This Young Talents Contest (YTC) organised by Ruang Tamu and powered by TamuAsia is a talent competition catered towards students aged anywhere from 6 to 17 years old. The purpose of this contest is to showcase and explore the various young talents that are latent and thriving in Malaysia yet are ‘under the radar’ as they do not have the appropriate platform to come out and shine.

The YTC programme, which was hosted through the Zoom platform and streamed to Ruang Tamu’s Facebook Live was opened with TamuAsia’s Founder & Managing Director, Atika Sulaiman’s welcome remarks.

“We have had the chance to interact with many bright and encouraging Young Talents throughout the duration of the competition whom we are sure will be bringing up the future of our music and entertainment industry.”

The Programme Manager of the online competition, Yussz Yusof, chimed in with his own sentiments. “We wish all participants here the very best and don’t forget to have fun!”.

The programme was split into two categories. One is freestyle, meaning they are free to choose their songs or chosen performance and the second category is to be related to the Merdeka Spirit and how well they will be showcasing this segment.

The top three winners of this competition will receive cash prizes of RM1,000, RM500 and RM300 respectively sponsored by TamuAsia, plus honorary trophies, Ruang Tamu merchandise and e-certificates, an exclusive 3-month brand image contract by Raffael Model’s Agency, while all participants will receive tickets to Kellie’s Castle sponsored by Zamari Muhyi, the Manager of the historic establishment. Not only that, all participants will receive a free professional photoshoot courtesy of Raffael Model’s Agency.

The nine participants who made it to the Finals of the Young Talent Contest were:

  1. Amill Danish (drummer)
  2. Izwan Rayno (singer)
  3. Qistina Jefferi (singer)
  4. Levi Levian Andy (magic show performer)
  5. Taneswaran A/L Y. Thamil Chelvan (mridangam drum player)
  6. Farisya Melissa (storyteller)
  7. Nur Yasmindania Hannah (singer)
  8. Muhammad Hafizzuddin (singer)
  9. Faraesha Anum (dancer)

The six professional judges involved in scoring and providing feedbacks with their respective categories were:

  1. Nadge Ariffin, culture and heritage specialist
  2. Hasfitri Yusof, fashion designer
  3. Yussz Yusop, the Young Talent Contest Programme Manager
  4. Raffael, owner of Raffael Model’s Agency
  5. Special Guest: Atika Sulaiman of TamuAsia
  6. Special Guest: Nazrae Sulaiman from SHADES

The programme which lasted from 4.00pm to 7:45pm saw the singing prowesses and a wide variety of entertaining and show-stealing performances by all nine participants with the six judges providing insightful feedback and constructive criticism to the up-and-coming stars.

All throughout the virtual competition, the comments section of the streamed live video saw many of the participants’ supporters flooding in with encouraging sentiments, hoping their participant will win the title of Champion. The programme was also made welcoming and lively with Navin ‘Nav’ Nair, a professional emcee, and his hilarious comments which greatly helped give a positive effect on participants, as well as the whole show.

By the end of the gruelling four-hour event, the winners were announced as follows:

  1. Nur Yasmindania Hannah (Champion)
  2. Faraesha Anum (2nd place)
  3. Muhammad Hafizzuddin (3rd place)

The programme ended with everyone spiritedly singing together to Jalur Gemilang in commemoration of Malaysia’s Independence Day.

Moving forward, all participants will have the opportunity to continue with Ruang Tamu’s platform to post their videos and even participate in other live shows the organiser may host. Ruang Tamu’s committee hopes that this virtual competition will be the stepping stone for a good number of the participants to polish and nurture their talents.

Congratulations to Team TamuAsia and Ruang Tamu for organising their first virtual competition of this Young Talents Contest and to put the spotlight on the hidden showmanship talents of our future music and entertainment industry.

If you would like to watch the Finale click on this link.