Prominent Azerbaijani Artist Zarbaliyeva Kamilla Makes Debut at the ‘Art of Diplomacy’ Exhibition in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kudos to talented artist Zabaliyeva Kamilla or better known as Kamilla on her recent remarkable art debut at the “Art of Diplomacy” Exhibition that took place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Kamilla, a friendly and approachable artist born in Azerbaijan in 1987, recently made the remarkable art debut at the ‘Art of Diplomacy’ Exhibition at the KL City Art Gallery. Known for her expertise in surrealism and figurative art, Kamilla showcases her mastery in working with acrylic and oil colors, as well as mixed graphic techniques.

In 2019, Kamilla became a member of the Azerbaijan Art Union, solidifying her position in the artistic community. Her talent and accomplishments have garnered attention from various media outlets in Azerbaijan, including 1News,, Sputnik News, and Additionally, she was featured in an interview for Caprice Lifestyle magazine, showcasing her artistic journey and unique perspective.

Over the years, Kamilla has actively participated in numerous activities, art exhibitions and showcases, where her artworks have been prominently displayed. Among these notable events, one of the remarkable exhibitions was the ‘Young Artists of Azerbaijan’ exhibition held in Baku, Azerbaijan’s capital.

In a prestigious moment, Kamilla had the honour of presenting a portrait of Mauricio Sulaiman, the President of the World Boxing Council, along with a portrait of his late father, Jose Sulaiman, at the exhibition. This gesture not only showcased Kamilla’s artistic talent but also highlighted her ability to capture the essence and significance of influential figures through her art.

In 2020, Kamilla made her mark at the Luxembourg Art exhibition, where she not only showcased her talent but also received a special artistic merit award as recognition for her outstanding work. Additionally, she participated in a challenge organised by Sotheby’s official page, where artists were tasked with interpreting a 19th-century painting. Kamilla’s artwork stood out and was selected as one of the best interpretations, gaining recognition on their page.

Her artistic prowess also caught the attention of Christie’s, as two of her artworks were reposted on their page, further highlighting her talent and creativity. Another notable event was her participation in a Bvlgari Jewelry exhibition, where she exhibited a portrait painting that depicted a special jewelry piece from the brand, showcasing her ability to capture both artistic and conceptual elements of significant objects.

Looking ahead, Kamilla is set to participate in the upcoming ‘Women in Art’ exhibition in Miami, Florida, where she will continue to showcase her artistic prowess and also contribute to the celebration of women artists.

For those interested in collaborating with Kamilla, please find her contact information below:

Mobile : +994502284441
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Feel free to reach out to Kamilla through any of the provided contact channels to discuss potential collaborations or inquiries regarding her artwork.