MyVXp’s Premiered Showcases

Here’s a great example. Recently in the news, a local Melaka cultural activist’s MyVXp showcased the Kristang language, the creole language spoken by the Kristang community of mixed Portuguese-Malaysian ancestry, all done through music.

This virtual experience showcases a sing-along session where participants also learn about the Melaka-Portuguese community’s history and lifestyle especially since the 60s and 70s through music, as amassed by the Melaka Portuguese Cultural Society and community, and well-presented online by their member Martin Theseira. The showcase has seen paying audiences from Malaysia and neighbouring Singapore, to Portugal, France, Cyprus and as far as the United States!

With this 2.0 programme’s completion in November, MyVXp has successfully premiered over 100 live showcases, offering paid experiences ranging from virtual visits around Melaka’s Kampung Morten, and educational showcases of the Lenggong Valley to Adat Perpateh, to how to cook your own ‘Sambal Ikan Bilis Mata Biru Pangkor’ and tips on everything from rock-climbing to drama acting, with even a grand historical sweep of ‘5 Malaysian Stories over 15,000 Years’ – all online.
The truly diverse range of experiences offered will satisfy everyone’s curiosity and even things you’ve never heard of.

With each host’s average earning of at least RM50 up to RM500 per live showcase, MyVXp is steadily emerging as a very viable programme in an effort to promote Malaysia’s digital tourism, dubbed as ‘MyVXp: Digital Tourism Unlimited’. This online premise has given audiences a unique opportunity to capture each offering in the comfort of their homes, so look out for more virtual experiences such as the above and much more!