Mingle with Nature: A Virtual Hike with Nature Guide, Jean Soh

Did you know that one of the best ways to get out without leaving your home is by watching a live virtual hike? For all you hikers out there, we’re sure you’re missing Malaysia’s treasure trove of trails and hiking hotspots as a way to relieve stress, so why not book some time off and attend a nature guide’s virtual hiking session?

Meet Jean, your star host for this online session who is very keen on sustainable and responsible tourism. In this Malaysia Virtual Experience (MyVXp) show called Mingle with Nature, you will be assisted by Jean, a passionate nature guide who will be ‘walking’ with you through amazing trails which lead to Malaysia’s scenic treasures by showcasing a video she took back in March. Whether it be rivers, waterfalls, or even historical sites and ruins that aren’t all too well-known, she will be there to highlight and provide commentaries on the trail’s unique areas for you.

As a licensed nature guide for the last 3 years, she will be sharing her wealth of knowledge on Malaysia’s tropical jungles and its ecosystems, while also raising awareness on local environmental factors which affect the ecosystem. As a nature lover, Jean is here to not only teach you about the beauty of nature, but to also touch upon the cultures and lifestyles of local communities, one of the many attracting features in Malaysia Truly Asia.

With that said, Jean is a supporter of sustainable tourism and by joining her in this virtual tour, you would even learn of communities or establishments where you can help by contributing to the cause. In any case, discover known or hidden gems that make up Malaysia’s abundance of hiking hotspots with Jean in this 1-hour virtual experience with her!

Showcase Details:

Date: Sunday 29 August

Time: 2:30pm–3:30pm

Price: RM16

Link: https://kofkino.com/product/virtual-hike-mingle-with-nature/