Lost World of Melaka: Bukit Batu Lebah

Step away from generic tourist sites and jump into the great nature side of Malacca!

In this all-new perspective ‘nature-seeker adventure’ in historical Malacca, your star host, Mat Radzuan or known as Mat Surival is on a mission to reveal especially for you Malacca’s rich natural beauty by taking you through a historic forest reserve

In this virtual show, Mat Survival will be touring with you live at Bukit Batu Lebah Recreational Forest. This is a forest reserve that offers great hiking trails and cave explorations, being currently the only venue in Malacca that offers caving.

Along the way, he will also be teaching you survival skills needed when you go hiking in the forest. This includes various native herbal plants available on the forest floor, making this live show quite educational for participants too.

In addition, Mat Survival will be telling you both factual and historical stories of the forest reserve while also peppering in mythical legends for those who are curious.
Discover the nature side of Malacca by booking your slot today!

Showcase Details
Date: 25/03/2021 (Thursday)
Time: 9am
Price: RM30
Booking Link: http://tamanekorimbabukitbatulebah.jimdofree.com
Contact: +60 18-918 9102

*This post was originally published by Tourism Productivity Nexus