Passionate about strolling? How about taking a stroll at 104 meters above ground? Quench the thirst for high altitude urban adventure by participating in the Kuantan 188 Tower’s Skywalk!

This 1-hour adrenaline-rushed experience will take participants outside the Kuantan 188 Tower on a 360-degree stroll around the outer perimeter of Malaysia’s second highest tower. Participants will have the opportunity to walk on the 1.8 meters wide galvanized iron walkway encircling the tower, under the guidance of professional guides from Pretty World Resources (Safety Award recipient of Outdoor Expo Malaysia 2022).

Participants will be equipped with Personal Protective Devices (full body harness and safety helmet) and attached to 2 safety lines (Y-lanyard), which are then connected to the Skywalk’s Monorail System. This state-of-the-art overhead rail system harnesses participants in place while allowing them the freedom to walk, lean out, sit down, and ‘fly’ around safely along the walkway.

While the Skywalk participants are enjoying the stunning sights of Kuantan City from a bird-eye perspective, the guides will take shots of them in various creative photo formations, namely ‘Cameron Highlands’, ‘Bera’, ‘Rompin’, ‘Kuantan’ and ‘Fly to Pekan’ to capture the unique moments. Exciting interpretation and narration (encompassing cultural and ecological features of the surrounding areas) will also be provided by the guides to enrich the ‘skywalking’ experience. Additionally, all sky-walkers will be rewarded with certificate of completion by the management of Kuantan 188 Tower upon finishing the activity.

Participation in the activity is covered by insurance and participants need to undergo safety briefing prior to the activity. Kuantan 188 Tower’s Skywalk opens daily from 9am until 9pm and you can get in on the adventurous act by walking-in or pre-trip booking with Pretty World Resources. Nevertheless, as part of risk and safety management procedures, the experience is subject to weather conditions. In case of severe weather occurrences, such as a lightning, heavy rain or strong wind, the activity will be rescheduled.

Come over to Kuantan 188 Tower and test the nerves with Skywalk! An outstanding activity to do with friends or family with a rewarding experience like no other – a memorable urban adventure tourism ‘souvenir’ with the magnificent Kuantan City skyline as the backdrop!