Kayaking in the ‘Little Amazon’ of Terengganu

When you think of Terengganu, you will instantly think of white sandy beaches, water sports activities, the colourful island nightlife and of course seafood! But have you ever thought of Terengganu having its own…Amazon?

Terengganu is a well-known state in Malaysia mostly known for its popular island destinations such as Redang, Perhentian and Kapas Islands to name a few. Very rarely people will attach the term ‘Amazon’ to their mental image of Terengganu. ‘Little Amazon’ is a new kayaking adventure activity for those who might want something different when they visit Terengganu or even as a pre-activity before they head off to the islands!

As you step in the kayak, be prepared to marvel at the canopy-like forests enveloping the skies and the sounds of nature. This activity will surely stimulate your senses. Sungai Berang or Berang River is a brown-water river located at Hulu Terengganu. It spans about seven to eight kilometres.

Throughout the three to four hours of your journey, you will be able to observe the river’s natural habitats, with fauna from unique birds such as the Hornbill, where it isn’t a common bird to find in the Malay Peninsula, to herds of buffaloes. The greenery surrounding the rivers is filled with Keruing trees, which can grow up to 30m in height and is harder to find in the west of the Peninsula but can be enjoyed here.

For those who are planning to bring their cameras during the trip (and which photo-enthusiast won’t?), this is a perfect opportunity for you to take those nature shots for your keepsakes and social media feed. The forest canopy will provide you with the soft lighting needed, although make sure your camera has water-resistant features to protect it from accidental water contact.  

This Little Amazon adventure will also have its own tour guide who will be guiding you throughout your activity. This is for you to experience this activity at its fullest potential, and you will be listening to commentaries regarding the unique ecosystem the Berang River has to offer, while the tour guide’s complementary purpose is to ensure your safety.

Naturally, when you see the word kayaking you might assume it is an ‘extreme’ type of adventure activity; in this case, kayaking on the Berang River proves otherwise. With its river classification being Class I – meaning that the current is low, it is an activity where anyone of all ages can participate, with its oldest participant to date being 84.

Not only that, you will not even have to paddle much as the river current will to an extent be doing your job for you, you will (literally) be “going with the flow”. However, do keep in mind from the months of November to December, it is dangerous to participate as the river will overflow due to the rainy monsoon season. Otherwise, come over and enjoy Terengganu’s Little Amazon offering.

Jenoba Outdoor is currently spearheading kayaking in Terengganu’s Little Amazon with a minimum of two participants. To ensure the various activities offered are approved, Jenoba Outdoor was evaluated with the Malaysian Tourism Excellence (MaTEx) Business Certification programme offered by Tourism Productivity Nexus to improve the quality, delivery, and confidence of tourism products. This is to raise the standards of the business operation.

As required by all organisations, Jenoba Outdoor practices complying with the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) which is required by the government. Making sure to sanitise their equipment after each use.

So, what are you waiting for?

Book your trip now with Jenoba Outdoor and go ‘adventure’ later.

*All image are from Jenoba Outdoor’s social media.