Institute of Engineers Malaysia to Mentor and Coach 2,000 Local Professionals under Professional Services Productivity Nexus

The Institute of Engineers Malaysia (IEM) has sealed a strong collaboration with Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC) through a Memorandum of Understanding. With this, an initiative named the ‘Professional Services Productivity Nexus’ (PSPN) is set to be a ‘community hub’ for professional talents to improve their skillsets, which will contribute to the increase in productivity.

Aligning with the same steps as PAM in the allied Architecture fraternity, IEM has been selected to represent the Engineering fraternity by implementing a framework targeting towards ensuring sustainability of human capital within the sector.

IEM’s mission in this collaboration also includes promoting sound professional engineering training and practice, while naturally upholding the image of the fraternity and contributing towards nation-building.
The Engineering fraternity is also actively seeking to expand its pool of professional talents and membership, ranging from graduates to also professional ‘companion- grade’ members.

This extends towards Engineering Technologists (IEM Incorporated Members), Engineering Technicians (IEM Associated Members), while further welcoming and encouraging Women Engineers and Young Engineers, thus expanding the pool of engineering disciplines’ professionals.

Sharing goals with PSPN on developing local talents to drive national productivity, IEM is aiming to coach and mentor 2,000 professionals through a series of both internal efforts coupled with multi-disciplinary approaches and collaborations

IEM, through PSPN, will also be addressing challenges faced by the Engineering fraternity and the wider industry while also sharing and promoting the latest best practices to overcome any issues.
Congratulations to both IEM and MPC for sealing this strategic PSPN partnership.

For more information on this programme, please contact 03-7968 4001 or email