Imagine Yourself in the 50s and 60s Nostalgia with Retro Malaya Night

Kudos to TamuAsia team on this collaboration with Café 45, Kuala Lumpur, in the recent thematic event “Retro Malaya”, held in conjunction with Malaysia’s Independence celebrations.

This pilot initiative approach towards sustainable tourism through preserving Malaysia’s Culture and Heritage was to bring back the nostalgia from the country’s arts & entertainment scene’s peak of the swinging 50s and 60s.

Only for one night, guests enjoyed an intimate setting where they’re able to immerse themselves in this time period from clothing to an array of traditional kuih-muih (local finger foods) as a light snack for the night amidst sounds of old tunes.

As it’s a social event, guests had the opportunity to mingle with others and learn more about that cultural era of Malaysian arts & entertainment. Not only that, guests can also learn traditional or period dances with our professional dancer during the event!  

The host and storyteller for Café 45 Jalan Kamunting personally opened the event. Located at no. 45, Jalan Kamunting in the heart of KL, the establishment is a cosy café in the daytime, but transformed into a great social space for this private initiative event.

The event was attended by 50 guests. Besides locals, expatriates in Malaysia also joined in, eager to know about Malaysia’s early days.

Why a Retro Malaya Night?

You can ask anyone living through Malaysia’s early years since its independence and many would agree that the country’s arts & entertainment scene peaked during the 50s and 60s.

With many references still being made to this day about the heydey of P. Ramlee movies, Saloma’s tunes, and a comeback of 50s and 60s fashion amongst youngsters, this is a good time to celebrate the theme in the month of Malaysia’s Independence.

Classic hits such as Do Re Mi, Pak Maon and many more permeated through the night for you to get your groove on.

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