Hop From One Theme Park to Another at Genting’s Latest SkyWorlds Theme Park!

A wonderland for friends and family, Genting Highland’s latest attraction, the SkyWorlds theme park, is set to revive the foot traffic for the hill!

SkyWorlds Theme Park has been compared to the popular ‘Disneyland’ or even ‘Universal Studios’ by the netizens who are abuzz for the park’s official launch today. True to their observation, when TamuAsia was invited to experience the park prior to the launch, we were pretty much transported from one wonderland to another.

One of the first rides we went on! DO NOT eat prior to going on this ride!

The theme park consists of family-friendly and rides suitable for adults. Each ride has its own ‘Thrill Level’ which is denoted with the numbers 1- 3 with Number 1 being the highest level whereas number 3 is the lowest.

Starting from the right side at the entrance, you will be met with the lovable hit animated series such as Ice Age, Warriors, and Rio, a kid-friendly theme perfect for families with children.

Just a hop onto the next section is the Andromeda Base theme park which was more suitable for teens and adults. The rides were certainly heart-dropping (yes, we screamed our lungs out!) and it is highly advisable that you don’t eat prior to riding any of them. We were glad that we put off from eating our lunch right off the bat when we arrived in the afternoon!

Not for anybody who has motion sickness, the spinning and screaming was worth it though

The next section is reminiscent of the United States. This is where almost every corner is #instagrammable. From here onwards, you’ll find the classic ‘throw the ball in the hoop to win a prize’ type of games, food kiosks, and plenty of seating areas.

The main highlight of the theme park isn’t the physical rides, it’s in fact the application the establishment encourages you to download as soon as you purchase your tickets! Available on the iOS and the Android app store, SkyWorlds is a one-app-for-all which covers all your needs when visiting a theme park.

This is what the app looks like, you can also view the waiting time for each ride!

The most useful feature would be the Virtual Queue (VQ) where you’re able to pre-book your slots and practically skip the line on some of its rides. You will have six VQ slots per day to be used for any of the rides with a ‘VQ’ attached to it.

Of course, when you go with a group of friends, planning to book your slots at the same time may be a tiny bit chaotic as you’re trying to make sure everybody is on the same page. Worry not, the application also has a group feature (which honestly saved us a lot of time!).

On the bottom-left button, tap on it and you will see a ‘My Group’ option where you can create your group and add your friends as members. This way the ‘leader of the group’ can easily book a VQ for one group! This nifty feature came in handy as we were able to easily scan the QR code available and zoom past everybody else.

We walked around the Ice Age area and the park’s dedicated photographer snapped a photo of us

Another cool feature which ‘wowed’ us was the Photo feature. This feature allows the photographers of the park to link their snapshots of you to your app! If you would like to print these photos there is a kiosk available nearby the Independence Day ride.

These photos were available in the application by the way! The facial recognition feature was cool

The theme park is still in its soft opening stage, meaning not all rides are available for the time being. As promotion of the soft opening of the park, visitors are entitled to a 20% discount from its published rates for bookings from February 8 to March 31.

Operating hours of the theme park is from 11am – 6pm.

To know more about the ride and attractions it offers, contact Resort World Genting at +603 2333 3263 or kristine.lim@rwgenting.com or visit their website at https://www.gentingskyworlds.com/