Fall into the Best Waterfall Photography – A Virtual Class

“It started when I was in primary school after looking at my uncle’s camera and photographs, and later I got my very first camera when I was in Form 1 back in 1982.

That was the start of renowned photographer and Nikon Z Creator enthusiast, Dr. Ali Shamsul Bahar’s passion and profession in photography for over 35 years.

Capturing nature’s true beauty isn’t an easy feat. Dr. Ali dove into the world of nature photography as a way for him to contribute to the preservation of Malaysia’s unique natural heritage, even if it’s something as ‘simple’ as a photograph.

Of course, photographers aren’t spared from the challenges posed by the pandemic, making it “the toughest challenge” he encountered this year. But he did not give up and instead took the opportunity of to go virtual under the MyVXp (Malaysia Virtual Experience) programme to teach other avid photographers the tips and tricks of nature photography.

In his virtual class, Dr. Ali aims to share his knowledge on waterfall photography from planning and selecting your equipment and even sharing the insider knowledge he accumulated on capturing dramatic and wild professional water images.

As with others during this pandemic, he says, “I am not able to visit and photograph lots of waterfalls around Malaysia. I would like to share my knowledge and experience so that others can continue photographing waterfalls in their best way.”

This waterfall photography class with Dr. Ali will prepare you on how to capture the power and beauty of nature and water’s co-interaction.

“Through photography we can educate people to love nature.”

Showcase Details
Time: 9.00pm – 10:30pm
Date: 27th December 2020
Price: RM30
Contact Info: +6013 9342121
Booking URL: https://www.kofkino.com/activity/waterfall-photography-how-to-capture-the-beauty-of-waterfall-2-0/

Read the interview with Dr Ali on his showcase!

1) What will you be offering in this virtual showcase class?
This online session includes everything you need to know about shooting waterfalls, cascades and rivers or streams. From planning, equipment selection, essential techniques and tips of capturing dramatic and professional wild water images.

2) Why did you choose waterfall photography as your virtual experience?
Malaysia is rich with fascinating and beautiful waterfalls. We are blessed by this natural heritage. It is important for us to preserve and protect our natural heritage like these. One of the ways is by documenting them in form of photographs that do justice to them.

Through photography we can educate people to love nature.

3) How did your passion in photography start?
It started when I was in primary school after looking at my uncle’s camera and photographs, and later I got my very first camera when I was in Form 1 back in 1982. Since then, my passion in photography especially in nature photography has kept growing. Now I am also exploring bird photography.

4) How did you maintain your passion and career in photography all these decades?
I always explore to learn more about photography. There are lots of things to explore and discover. The passion is in making, in creating photos. The journey and efforts in getting even one outstanding photo offer priceless experiences.

5) Did you face any challenges?
Yeah, a lot of challenges. Transformation from analogue to digital photography was a challenge. Being a Nikon Club State Liaison was also a challenge. Being in the Nikon Ambassador Program as D-Photographer and now Nikon Z-Creator were also a great challenge. Different assignments bring different challenges. Different situations also give different challenges. COVID-19 is one of the toughest challenges, it changed lots of things.

But challenges are good as they improve us.

6) What advice would you give to beginners in photography?

  • Keep learning and exploring photography.
  • Learn from the right person(s).
  • Focus on photography knowledge and skills development, not with upgrading camera gear.
  • Be humble and keep on learning while creating new fascinating and meaningful photos.