“Once upon a time, TamuAsia used to have its own physical magazine but as technology and trends shifted rapidly, we took the mag on hiatus to focus on other parts of our media offerings.”


Arts and Crafts have always been the gems of East Coast Malaysia. The ever well-known batik, songket, wood carvings and brassware are just some of the many cultural products authentic to the land.

In this month’s edition, TamuAsia explores crafts through a particularly special interview with Zainariah Johari, Head of Arts, Crafts, and Public Space from Yayasan Hasanah. Plus we offer a ‘Craft Trail’ as well as a special woodcarver interview, all in Terengganu.


We plunge into the new by revisiting the old. Sustainability in Tourism has always been a hot topic. As we shift towards adding more value to the tourism industry in Malaysia let’s revisit, repurpose, and revitalise local tourism and our practitioners especially more so due to the pandemic.

In this issue, we look into the latest sustainability measures, we revisit kampungstays, and hey, we listen to what the music industry is up to through a special interview with Dato’ Nik, Founder of World Youth Jazz Festival.


Entering February 2021, TamuAsia hopes you’ve begun a fruitful year despite the pandemic. Thank you for supporting our inaugural e-TamuAsia January issue. While working on your goals, take a moment to breathe and enjoy our fab February issue.

This month we will be welcoming the Chinese New Year in a pandemic light, but the Year of the Ox, of which the Ox is known to have values of dependability, strength and determination, is reflected in this e-edition.


Now that we’re back, better than ever, we will be continuing our legacy through this very first web edition in 2021, highlighting the pleasing and the inspiring, focusing on the hidden gems of Malaysia.

We hope you will join us in our passion and dedication over the best destinations for you to plan your trip and with virtual spots and shows for you to go for as well.