“Once upon a time, TamuAsia used to have its own physical magazine but as technology and trends shifted rapidly, we took the mag on hiatus to focus on other parts of our media offerings.”


Hey, did you know that we’ll be hosting a virtual event called M48 from the 30th of December to the 1st of January?

For our followers who came across our cryptic posts since December, M48 is the abbreviation for Everything You Need To Know About Malaysia in 48 Hours. A mouthful title, we decided to reduce it to either Malaysia in 48 Hours or M48!

In this December issue, read on about the Conception and Idea behind M48 and if you flip further into our e-magazine, you’ll find a list of confirmed showcase of the event! This issue also highlights a cool experiential expedition all the way in Lenggong, Perak and a very special interview with Mr Alex Lee from Terrapuri Heritage Village in Terengganu and by the way, they’re both our M48 collaborators!


Malaysia, a multi-cultural, multi-race, multi-ethnicity country, holding some of the best celebrations ever! In this issue we explore Malaysians Festivities available in Malaysia for you to read about!


Dark Tourism? In Malaysia? Well you read that right! A new contender in the tourism industry, Dark Tourism will be bringing travellers a new kind of experience where you will have the opportunity to enjoy what the place has to offer both the physical aspect and….possibly entities! 

In this issue, we interviewed Zamari Muhyi, the Managing Director of Kellie’s Castle that is incredibly well-known for the various rumours the castle holds. Get to know behind this businessman’s mind and how dark tourism can supplement experiential trips to travelling folks!


Everyone wants to get back in action, back in business, back in connection; basically back in recovery – and this includes the travel and tourism industry. This is what we want, this is what is meant – Back-in Tourism!

With everyone’s excitement and anticipation of the travel bubbles springing up coupled with the ramping up of the vaccination rates, what are some of Malaysia’s state tourism doing to stabilise the tourism economy? Not forgetting our local tourist operators, we also had the chance to talk to the owner of Collectibles Museum based all the way in Kelantan.


Our theme for August focuses on reminiscing how Malaysia’s Independence Day was celebrated across all ages, sure this is our 2nd year celebrating Merdeka at home but it’s certainly reassuring that how we celebrate the day at school is still very much the same.

In this month’s edition, we interviewed Datuk Abdul Rashid, a veteran of VAT69 for a bit of a motivational talk to the younger generation and how they can move the country forward. We also have tidbits of what celebrations were like from an Anak Malaysia himself (born in the year of Malaya’s Independence) and people’s sentiments towards it!

Enjoy the holiday!


A troublesome start to the year 2021, with a series of lockdowns leading businesses to not just shut, but shut down for good, and heading into a troubling full year. But instead of giving in to fate, many people are taking things back into their own hands by shifting goals, changing practices, doing their own little businesses to survive. Meanwhile, many people and entities have come forward to help those in need. Rakyat jaga rakyat, as we say.

In this month’s eTamuAsia, we explore the situation, the people, and the heroes who are doing their best to turn the tide by not giving up, and how they’re taking care of families, communities, and industries through collaboration, innovation and more, not least in the worst-hit tourism sector. Yes, we can rise from the ashes.


You know, Malaysia’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites are not just Kinabalu, Mulu, Melaka & George Town!

In the valleys of upper Perak sits a hidden town, Lenggong, and here lies one of the world’s most valuable archaeological UNESCO sites.

This month, we interview Mazlan Mahmud who is an expedition leader, on the reason why he encourages people even with no background in history or archaeology to participate in a 2-day,1-night expedition package there. A meteorite impact site, prehistoric skeletons, mysterious caves and more are all packed in this one remote town in Perak!

We also have Arman Arshad whose goal is to promote tourism through his ‘King of…’ marathon series (hint: his next location is in this text too).

For those who’ve heard of Lenggong but are unsure what it offers, plus a world of other attractions, read on over in our June edition!


Aidil Fitri Without Any Uncertainty is a term we should have gotten used to as we enter our second year of celebrating Hari Raya in the midst of a pandemic. We, from TamuAsia, hope you have created ways of celebrating including the fun and joy of this festivity in the midst of limitations. 

For this month’s issue we have quite an interesting interview with our Founder and Managing Director, Atika Sulaiman, reminiscing her ‘tomboy-kampung-girl’ days in her hometown Bentong, Pahang. As this edition revolves around festivities, we of course included a short guide of some of the many, many festivities that Malaysia enjoys. There’s even a guide on Hari Raya facts for those who may be uncertain. 

With that, we at TamuAsia would like to wish you a very safe and happy Selamat Hari Raya and Maaf Zahir dan Batin! 



Arts and Crafts have always been the gems of East Coast Malaysia. The ever well-known batik, songket, wood carvings and brassware are just some of the many cultural products authentic to the land.

In this month’s edition, TamuAsia explores crafts through a particularly special interview with Zainariah Johari, Head of Arts, Crafts, and Public Space from Yayasan Hasanah. Plus we offer a ‘Craft Trail’ as well as a special woodcarver interview, all in Terengganu.


We plunge into the new by revisiting the old. Sustainability in Tourism has always been a hot topic. As we shift towards adding more value to the tourism industry in Malaysia let’s revisit, repurpose, and revitalise local tourism and our practitioners especially more so due to the pandemic.

In this issue, we look into the latest sustainability measures, we revisit kampungstays, and hey, we listen to what the music industry is up to through a special interview with Dato’ Nik, Founder of World Youth Jazz Festival.


Entering February 2021, TamuAsia hopes you’ve begun a fruitful year despite the pandemic. Thank you for supporting our inaugural e-TamuAsia January issue. While working on your goals, take a moment to breathe and enjoy our fab February issue.

This month we will be welcoming the Chinese New Year in a pandemic light, but the Year of the Ox, of which the Ox is known to have values of dependability, strength and determination, is reflected in this e-edition.


Now that we’re back, better than ever, we will be continuing our legacy through this very first web edition in 2021, highlighting the pleasing and the inspiring, focusing on the hidden gems of Malaysia.

We hope you will join us in our passion and dedication over the best destinations for you to plan your trip and with virtual spots and shows for you to go for as well.