Discover Malaysia by Satisfying Your Tastebuds!

What better way to discover Malaysia’s culture by learning about its great attracting factor – food? Gastronomy tourism in Malaysia is often the talk of all our towns as the nation is well-known for its melting pot of cultures and hey, that has even affected the culinary scene too!

In this live virtual culinary adventure, your star host Lisa will be introducing you to Malaysia’s various ethnic groups through traditional cuisines which can be easily found everywhere in the country for you to try out once you’re able to visit. Or maybe you’d like to try cooking them yourself! This first chapter will explore the country’s largest ethnic group, covering 50.8% of the population, the Malay culture and food.

The Malay culture comes with its own set of well-known traditions and so in this Malaysia Virtual Experience (MyVXp), you will have the opportunity to learn much about it from a Malaysian! Not only that, a guest chef will be joining this virtual show to explore the Malay culinary scene in more depth.

Chef Chong, who has over 20 years worth of experience, is the perfect guest to demonstrate LIVE on how to cook Malaysia’s pride and joy, the all-time favourite nasi lemak! Attend this show to find out more and don’t worry, the ingredients aren’t complicated at all. As a professional cooking instructor himself, he will be going through the cooking process steadily enough for you to savour the process.

Participants will have the chance to interact with the host and special guest throughout the show so be sure to take this opportunity to take our your notebook and write the recipes, cooking instructions and a little about Malaysia’s culture!

Showcase Details:

Date: Sunday, 29 August

Time: 9:30am

Price: $3 or RM15