Covid-19 Travel – A New Normal

Let’s face it; the #WuhanCoronavirus is going to threaten us for some time to come. Like the 1918 Flu Pandemic (“Spanish Flu”), which raged for over two years and killed about 50 million people around the world. But it’s not the end of the world – and it’s not even the end of travel. Done right, it’s the beginning of a ‘New Normal’. We will have to live with it, even be innovative to handle it.

The important thing now is be as aware, educated and rational about what it is or not and what can be done in the best of imperfect circumstances. More importantly, we need to be *responsible* – to ourselves and others, because what we do can affect many others.

The best for now is just to stay put; at home and #WFH if we can. Go out only if needed. If we do, we need to ‘quarantine’ ourselves in an unseen bubble as far as possible from others not already close to us, and wear a mask even though we think we’re healthy, and wash frequently not because we’re dirty. Social distancing.

Around the planet, the infection situations are very diverse AND fluid, depending on different places and times. In China, where the pandemic began, it appears to be controlled. Wuhan’s lockdown has been lifted, Chinese people are traveling again, albeit internally. Yet another city, Harbin, has been locked down. In Malaysia, where the lockdown seems to have successfully flattened the infection curve, the government is cautiously reopening the economy after 6 weeks in order to pre-empt an econo-social breakdown. But in Singapore, US and parts of Europe or other countries, the virus is volatile. While in some other countries, the numbers are highly suspect, or there simply isn’t enough ability to test, check and tally.

These differences in level of danger even between shared borders show that international leisure travel will be tough. Some countries may be low-risk, others dangerous – and then reverse. So to be safe, go back to paragraphs two and three above.

In the meantime, stay positive and be active – do productive work at home, read a lot, watch useful programmes, keep in touch with family and friends, go to webinars and online meets, exercise, of course pray – and dream!

As the hashtag goes #DreamNowVisitLater

Stay safe with us, friends!

Nadge Ariffin

Learning to live with “Resam baru” (New normal, in Malay 🙂 )