Celebrate Durian Season with Sahom Valley’s Karnival Durian River of Life!

Moh Kome to the state of Perak and celebrate the season of the King of the Fruits!

Durian season is probably one of the most anticipated seasons amongst Malaysians who are known to make their way out to rural towns just to purchase kilograms of this fruit.

Why not add to your itinerary by attending a Durian Carnival that is packed with activities that you and your family can do?

Located all the way in Sahom Valley Resort in Kampar, Perak, the carnival is hosted by the Persatuan Usahawan Pelancongan Sahom Kampar who are hoping to tantalise you and your family in joining the carnival.

The Durian Carnival will set to open its doors on the 2nd and 3rd of July from 9am to 5pm, giving visitors plenty of time to explore the resort and activities available.

What types of activities can you expect in this carnival?

Ranging from Durian buffets by the river, treasure hunting around the premise, and even a cultural and heritage show, families can enjoy their favourite fruit while partaking in these activities offered.

Not only that, if you would like to tap into your competitive spirit the carnival is also hosting competitions from cooking, fishing, and even the classic karaoke.

By the way, each of these competitions will have its own set of cash prizes of up to RM1,000 to be won!

An addition to the leisure activities available, visitors will also have the opportunity to tour around the resort’s agro farm. This additional activity is exclusive for the carnival only, so make sure to take advantage of this tour.

So how do you make your way there? Here are the directions:

Exit the North-South Expressway at GOPENG EXIT and immediately turn left.

Go straight ahead for about 8 km, then turn left at Medan Selera Kuala Dipang.

At the 3-way junction, stay left and drive for another 8 km until you reach a small bridge. You’ll notice their sign up by the road to your left, then make a right turn.

Or you can just WAZE your way through by inputting Sahom Valley Resort!

Jom let’s “Makan Sampai Kenyang!”

To sign up for competitions: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/12WTn76ItiVc9dU8J7oKLSKcxgpjFbEnDLofOEbdN2Vs/viewform?fbclid=IwAR1F_mRm6opB-45amlB4ZuOPlxeoo5y_UB-FDguEi7eH5UpWC32jnK3isGo&edit_requested=true

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