Benvenuti A Kampung Morten, Malacca, Malesia!

Join local Italian-speaking guide Mimi on 20th March at 4:30pm (Malaysia) or 9:30am (Italy)

Ciao! Buon Giorno and Selamat Pagi from Malaysia to you!
In this virtual tour, your local guide, Mimi will be bringing you live around Kampung Morten, a historical village in Malacca, a UNESCO World Heritage City!

A little bit about Kampung Morten, or Morten Village; it’s a traditional-style neighbourhood named after a British land and revenue collector, Frederick Morten during the British rule of Old Malaya. Until today the traditional houses here are well-preserved, and Mimi will regale you with the village’s history – in Italian!

From the always odd number of steps found on the entrance of the traditional houses, to many other village customs, she is set to even teach you basic Malay greetings and other tips to prepare for your future trip to Malacca and Malaysia!

Yes, this virtual tour is unique as it will be conducted fully in Italian. Why so? Well, she speaks fluent Italian, of course! And in Mimi’s trips to Italy, she noted the similarities between Italian towns and Malacca in which there are many interesting landmarks scattered here and there. Hey, she thought, why not invite Italians to attend her show in her town, and even come to Malacca later?

Or if you’re not an Italian-speaker but up for a challenge, do join and hear the beautiful Italian language (with a lovely Malaysian accent) on this virtual tour.

Showcase Details:
Date: 20/03/2021 (Saturday) @ 4:30pm Malaysia / 9:30am Italy
Price: RM35 / €7 Euro
Contact: +6010-4391944