Architectural Training & Mentoring Opportunities: Professional Services Productivity Nexus’ MOU Allows Architectural Fraternity to Train and Mentor 2,000 Local Talents

The Malaysia Productivity Blueprint (MPB) has defined five strategic ‘thrusts’ in order to contribute to the increased productivity of the nation. It is currently being used as a guideline for organisations to identify with as they formulate their own framework.

Under Ar. Mustapha Kamal, conducted a series of workshops with MPC and has concluded that the architect fraternity needs to primarily focus on Thrust 1; Building the Talents and Workforce of the Future.

Under Thrust 1, ACSB has narrowed down several key productivity challenges that need to be revised in order to streamline and nurture more consistent and sustainable human capital for the architecture fraternity and industry.

Source: Architect Centre Sdn Bhd

On the issue of developing new talents, it is noted that current graduates are lacking in practical and multi-disciplinary skills needed to better position themselves within the industry.

Furthermore, inconsistency of regulations and bureaucracies may have a hand in breeding mediocrity or even corruption, which are what current professionals are struggling to overcome.

Through the recent Memorandum of Understanding, the Professional Services Productivity Nexus (PSPN) will be giving the opportunity for the Architectural Fraternity to train and mentor at least 2,000 new local professional talents in a multi-disciplinary team, where for example architecture students are encouraged to work with engineering students in a simulation for actual project situations.

Congratulations to Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC) for sealing the partnership with ACSB to expand this professional development for the nation.

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