A Night to Reminisce Malaysian Jazz

Remembering Jimmy Boyle, Alfonso Soliano, Ahmad Merican, and even P. Ramlee, in this laidback live musical session with your star host, Azim Sulaiman, where he will be talking about, and also performing some numbers from, Malaysia’s prominent jazz scene once upon a time ago.

Why has he selected jazz in particular? As a singer and songwriter, looking up and listening to a wide variety of genres in the music world is a routine any good musician would do but jazz in particular stood out for him with its complex harmonies, improvisation, and of course the resulting soothing melodies.

For those who remember, the vibrant local jazz scene from the 70s peaked in the 80s and early 90s before pop boybands dominated the scene. Singers such as Sheila Majid in particular really brought the scene to life in Malaysia when the world mingled together through the sound of music.

In the present day, the jazz scene hasn’t died down, rather it has been transformed into great jazz festivals such as the World Youth Jazz Festival (WYJF) as an effort to continue to nurture musical talents locally and internationally. 

In this 1-hour virtual experience, Azim who is in fact a singing lecturer from the Architecture program in Taylor’s University, will be your storyteller cum musician for the evening as he seeks to regale you with the lovely numbers which dominated the charts and hearts of Malaysians. Your star host for the evening will be singing and playing his piano LIVE and has also stated that his song choices will be deemed as ‘rare’. Do you think you’re up to the challenge of guessing these songs during the session?

Showcase Details:

Date: 29 August

Time: 4pm–5pm

Price: RM10

Registration link: https://toyyibpay.com/malaysianjazz