The Menteri Besar Of Negeri Sembilan Launches Tourism Productivity Nexus Virtual Advisory Clinic (T-VAC) To Assist Tourism Industry Players Rebuild Their Businesses

As everywhere, tourism has been badly affected by COVID-19 and so the Malaysian government, under Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC), has been proactive in helping the industry. With that, YAB Dato’ Seri Haji Aminuddin bin Harun, Menteri Besar (Chief Minister) of Negeri Sembilan today launched MPC’s ‘Tourism Virtual Advisory Clinic’ (T-VAC), an online consultation service, for the tourism industry at NS state level.

T-VAC is brought to industry players by the Tourism Productivity Nexus (TPN) under full support from MPC, which aims to assist tourism players to manage issues and challenges in business operations especially in reopening tourism activities.
An encouraging statement delivered by YAB Dato’ Seri Haji Aminuddin bin Harun records, “The state government welcomes the cooperation with MPC in increasing productivity growth and accelerating the effort to restore the country’s economy. Today we see a joint venture between the state government and MPC together with TPN in assisting the tourism industry players who are deeply affected by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

He elaborated that the cooperation is in line with the initiative by the state government through Negeri Sembilan Tourism Board’s (LPNS) to revitalize domestic tourism. ‘Jom Teghojah Nismilan’ campaign which began from 10 June 2020 focusing on updating state tourism products, increasing promotional activities, and giving recognition to the state’s iconic tourism products.

He also continued, “In order to revive businesses, access to accurate information and assessment on the company’s ‘health’ are among the keys in formulating recovery plans and strategies. This can be found from T-VAC where the ‘problem and solution’ approach is used in diagnosing company’s current situation.”

YBhg. Dato ‘Abdul Latif Haji Abu Seman, Director General of MPC said, “The virtual advisory clinic model is MPC’s affirmative action in assisting the government’s agenda in economic recovery as detailed in PENJANA. MPC, through Productivity Nexus established under Malaysia Productivity Blueprint (MPB) and is always ready to expand this model to the state level. ”

The same sentiment was echoed by the Champion of Tourism Productivity Nexus (TPN), Mr. Uzaidi Udanis who elaborated, “T-VAC is an online platform which aims to provide the opportunity for the tourism industry players to share, ask questions, and discuss the challenges, problems, and issues facing the businesses and then listen to recommendations from the advisors in managing the problems in the effort to rebuild the industry, while the government is implementing the initiatives under the stimulus packages for the survival of the people and the economy.”

Registration for T-VAC can be done at