Malaysia Virtual Experience (MyVXp) Developed to Adapt to the New Normal in Tourism

By Atika Sulaiman

Live, interactive and exclusive online Malaysian tourism experiences from personal concerts to rare cultural offerings? That’s MyVXp.

Kudos to the MPC (Malaysia Productivity Corporation) and TPN (Tourism Productivity Nexus) team for the launch of the new pilot project, Malaysia Virtual Experience (MyVXp) – a new set of wide-ranging online experiences featuring attractions, destinations, cultural and tourism products of Malaysia. MyVXp aims to amplify the new normal model of online experience tourism to enable and enhance interactive tourism experiences live online.

MyVXp transforms offline tourism products and attractions into online experiences, thus adapting to the new normal of the tourism industry and lifestyle. The model is also expected to be one of the marketing tools to help upsell Malaysian tourist attractions and destinations once tourist activities begin to recover. This model will also address key value propositions, activities, resources, partnerships, customer relationships, channels, marketing plans, costs, payment gateways and revenue streams.

According to MPC Director-General, YBhg. Dato’ Abdul Latiff Haji Abu Seman, the model fits MPC’s efforts well in leveraging technology to enable and catalyse productivity growth while movement restriction is in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and even beyond as the world adapts to social distancing and more interactive online activity.

In today’s media session, TPN Champion, YBrs. Encik Uzaidi Udanis informed the media that MyVXp is a testing ground for tourism product reinvention, market segmentation, and marketing strategy, tailored to the current situation. TPN has tested the model with Santikar Hulu Langat – in showcasing the live angklung performance, where the online offering truly enriched the audience’s experience and they collected RM1200 in the one hour plus programme, with positive feedback from participants.

Today, TPN launched the premiering online experience with Fredo from the Flybaits, and soon, there will be virtual experience offerings on Semporna in Sabah, Negeri Sembilan’s Adat Perpateh, and even painting online, to name a few.

To Fredo fans out there, it’s still not too late, you may catch him in this private online session and enjoy his songs as he will be singing live. Here’s the link for the registration: