Embark on a trip down KEF Music Memory Lane at Hotel ICON

The spacious suites lend themselves to a memory lane of significant genres of music.

Take a trip down music memory lane with KEF’s superior high resolution sound at Hotel ICON. Available from 1 October to 30 November 2020, guests are invited to  reminisce over the greatest classics of all time inside thematic pop-up suites. Along with a specially  curated culinary and cocktail menu that mirror the legends, guests can stream their favourite movies  seamlessly with the movie recommendations for each suite or enjoy the Spotify playlist curated by DJ  Dr. Wong Chi Chung for a personalised in-room experience. They can fully indulge in an unparalleled  auditory journey in the comforts of their rooms with state-of-the-art technologies by KEF’s speakers.  

A long-standing partner of Hotel ICON, KEF is one of the first British audio companies pioneering Hi Fidelity sound that celebrates decades of acoustic expertise with innovation. Continuing its quest to  find new and better ways to present a true wireless stereo experience, the brand offers a sensory  adventure with its wide range of wireless Hi-Fi systems exclusively for hotel guests.  

Feel the magnificent sound of music at Above & Beyond Lounge.

During the exclusive check-in, guests can feel the magnificent sound of music at the Above & Beyond  Lounge before stepping into the spacious suites. To strike the right chord with music lovers, Club 80  Harbour Suite, Club 65 Studio Suite and Designer Suite by Vivienne Tam lend themselves to a memory  lane of significant genres of music – British Rock ‘n’ Roll, Legends of 80’s Cantopop and Cool Jazz

Located on the 28th floor with a private bar and stunning panoramic views of Hong Kong, step into the Above & Beyond Lounge and explore the cutting-edge art of the possible – BLADE TWO, to feel the magnificent sound of music before kick starting the musical journey in the hotel’s spacious room.

This stylish space captures the eccentricity of two of the world’s most iconic artists.

Inspired by British music legends, John Lennon and David Bowie, the spacious Club 80 Harbour Suite showcases the very best of British pop culture. Featuring the legendary photos tribute to David Bowie  and fascinating documents about The Beatles from the BBC Archives, this stylish space captures the  eccentricity of two of the world’s most iconic artists. The collaboration has amplified the in-room  listening experience with KEF’s newly launched LS50 Wireless II, which is the world’s first wireless  speakers with Metamaterial Absorption Technology, and guests can enjoy the clear, transparent  sound that packs a punch.  

For an added touch, the award-winning culinary team at Hotel ICON has recreated a special menu  taking inspiration from the rock stars’ favourites, including the John Lennon’s signature breakfast of Open-faced Sandwiches with a vegan option and a perfectly mixed cocktail with selected ingredients  and liquors, enjoy Bombay Martini for a colourful addition to the special celebrations or simply a  night’s stay.

The space embodies the ‘80s that touches a deep vein of nostalgia for most Hongkongers.

Along with soundtracks from the booming Hong Kong film industry, Cantopop reached its peak  popularity during the ‘80s with the rise of iconic singers like Leslie Cheung, Anita Mui and Beyond.  Stacked with endless music-inspired décor and posters, the Club 65 Studio Suite embodies the ‘80s  that touches a deep vein of nostalgia for most Hongkongers.  

An array of vinyl and book collection share a sense of design to rediscover the aesthetics of ‘80s pop  culture. With the empowerment of EGG Duo and LSX Soundwave Edition, guests can enjoy the music  playlist packed with the greatest hits. Best for an afternoon break, have a bite of Egg Tart for its tender custardy filling and buttery crust and a popular Hong Kong-style bubble milk tea that leaves a silky smooth texture and lingering taste. Perfectly mixed with 20-year vintage Pu-er Tea, the Above and  Beyond Milk Tea is a not to be missed item for bubble tea lovers. 

Stay in style and enjoy the melodies for a restful night at The Designer Suite by Vivienne Tam.

Chet Baker, Miles Davis and Norah Jones – join these acclaimed figures to celebrate the Jazz Age. The  Designer Suite by Vivienne Tam is transformed with themed accessories inspired by the Paris street.  

Stay in style and enjoy the melodies for a restful night. Presenting superior high-resolution sound  quality speakers that satisfy everyone’s audio needs, Hi-Fi speakers including REFERENCE 1, LS50  Wireless II, EGG Duo and MUO are all equipped inside the suite to spice up guests’ sensory journey.  Guests can unwind from the busy week with a selection of movie-inspired cuisines with highlights that include Chicken on a Stick from the Hollywood blockbuster, La La Land, and a Blueberry Nights cocktail inspired by My Blueberry Nights, the movie debut of Grammy-winning jazz singer, Norah Jones. 

Explore how the sound of music inspires people 

Explore the conduit of sound with KEF at Hotel ICON. With a host of listening sessions and master  classes, highlights include talks hosted by representatives of KEF, and Dr. Wong Chi Chung, DJ and  music critic, exploring how the sound of music inspires people.  

Book now and kick start your own musical journey starting from HKD3,800*. Make your reservation  at (852) 3400 1688 or book@hotel-icon.com.