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Islamic Centre Canteen Halal Dim Sum in the Heart of Hong Kong

By: Atika Denan Lee | Copyright Images: TamuAsia  | Photographer: Denan Lee

A visit to the Islamic Centre canteen in Wan Chai, where we found dim sum at its best – halal, of course.

What would dim sum be like in Hong Kong – especially that’s rest assured halal? That’s the question we want answered when we visited the Islamic Centre Canteen in Wan Chai. The ICC offers dim sum at lunch and Cantonese dishes at dinner.

With a sizeable Muslim population
in Hong Kong and a steady flow of Muslim visitors from Southeast Asia and beyond, the ICC provides a local Muslim alternative to the halal curry or vegetarian dining options that many Muslims rely on. We went to check out this pork- and lard-free dim sum, and found the food great and the community atmosphere even better.

The Islamic Centre Canteen in Masjid Ammar in Wan Chai opened in 2005. It is one of two fully halal Chinese cuisine restaurants in Hong Kong and the only one offering authentic Cantonese cuisine. The food is certified halal by the Islamic Community Fund of Hong Kong.

The food is strictly halal and fresh meat is sourced from certified sources in mainland China and Brazil. The canteen chefs are trained in handling halal food and have devised clever recipes to replace even the traditionally pork dishes, with delicious results. The taste of the halal dim sum at the Islamic Centre Canteen is supposed to be a bit different from traditional Cantonese dim sum due to the absence of lard, which is added as a flavour enhancer to most traditional dim sum. Halal beef, chicken and seafood are used instead of pork in ICC’s dim sum. All the same, the result is simply mouth-watering.

The Islamic Centre Canteen is not only a place to eat, but a place to mingle with fellow Muslims from around the world. The laughter and chatting voices fill up the space with energy, camaraderie and life. Indeed, the Islamic Centre Canteen itself is undoubtedly a worthwhile visit – with the food as “double happiness”.


Address: 5/F, Masjid Ammar and
Osman Ramju Sadick Islamic Centre, 40 Oi Kwan Road, Wan Chai, Yat Sin St, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Phone: +852 2834 8211

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