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Nepal A Tribute Just Before…

Words and Images By:  Nadge Ariffin

The earthquake struck at 11.56am on 25th April as people were working, and tourists were sightseeing at the many historic and beautiful sights around Nepal. TamuAsia was there exactly a month earlier to enjoy Nepal’s beauty, history and hospitality. It’s all now a cherished memory.

These photos that we took are a tribute to the brave people and our dear friends back in Nepal. May they be blessed with strength, patience and enlightenment to get them through the disaster. May we all help them too.


Kathmandu, Nepal’s capital nestled in a highland valley, is a sprawling city of about two million people. Places of worship and monuments intersperse with the usual haphazard commercial and residential buildings in growing cities like this. But a quick drive out via winding hillside roads brings tranquility.

Bandipur is a hill town that was a historic trading station. It has preserved its physical essence and reinvented itself as a tourist spot for enjoying both local life and surrounding nature adventures, trekking, even paragliding, and river-rafting not far away.

Patan is another old capital of Nepal, with its own Durbar Square and is in fact more modernised and commercial than Bhaktapur. Located also not far from Kathmandu, Patan is another point in the cultural destination circuit of the larger Kathmandu valley region.



This photo essay was a snapshot of the way things were in the places TamuAsia managed to see before the late April, 2015 earthquake.

All of the places recorded suffered great damage, with much suffering for the gentle Nepalese people. Besides thousands of homes rendered uninhabitable, so many cultural-historic treasures including delicate buildings in all the Durbar Squares were damaged, some structures of which totally collapsed.

We, and the world, feel for the loss; and hope and help so that the people and places can return just as they were in our pictures. #HelpForNepal 


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